Track signs

1) Download whichever sets you want from the links found below.
2) Copy (or cut/paste) the downloaded zips to your TrackMania custom data folder, these are found in the folders outlined below.
 TMUF - my documents\TrackMania
 TMNF - my documents\TrackMania
 TMU - my documents\TrackMania United
 TMN - C:\program files\TrackMania Nations ESWC\Game Data
 TMS - C:\program files\TrackMania Sunrise\Game Data
 TMO - C:\program files\TrackMania Original\Game Data
3) Unzip each archive into that folder, example with winRAR right click and "Extract Here", all the signs should just fall into place

Usage Instructions

Once In game when you click the paint bucket you will now find all your signs prefixed by TMX\ followed by it`s group code and then the sign name, a group code is found on every sign (Except the old community pack signs) and is a two digit code defining its colour-set and mood.
Below are the group codes
The first digit is to mark either its colour or whether it is a special pack sign. The second is it`s mood/time of day, which determines whether it has lights projected on it`s surface or not.
 BD- = Blue Daytime
 BN- = Blue Nighttime
 GD- = Green Daytime
 GN- = Green Nighttime
 RD- = Red Daytime
 RN- = Red Nighttime
 YD- = Yellow Daytime
 YN- = Yellow Nighttime
 SD- = Special Daytime
 SN- = Special Nighttime
So for example a Green Daytime down arrow when searching in game will be called TMX\GD-Down, and a Red Nighttime Slow Down sign is TMX\RN-Slow. Quick tip, the forward 10 pages button will skip you forward approx one whole sets mood. eg BD>BN or BN>GD.
To help you locate which sign you want, we have supplied some guide sheets found in this thread here > Guide Sheets.
The community pack signs will be found prefixed by CMTY

Download Packs

Pick a pack below to start your download!
Pack Signs Size
Blue Sign Pack
  Blue Daytime
90 8.6Mb
  Blue Nighttime
90 9.2Mb
Green Sign Pack
  Green Daytime
90 8.6Mb
  Green Nighttime
90 9.2Mb
Red Sign Pack
  Red Daytime
90 9.0Mb
  Red Nighttime
90 9.6Mb
Yellow Sign Pack
  Yellow Daytime
90 8.6Mb
  Yellow Nighttime
90 9.2Mb
Special Sign Pack
  Special Daytime
24 2.6Mb
  Special Nighttime
24 2.5Mb
Community Sign Pack
  Classic Community Pack
275 5.6Mb

TMX Samples

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